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PACE is the name of our continuous improvement process, which was implemented in the spring of 1991. Thanks to this program, Sea Ray has continued to lower the cost of quality (the cost of doing things over) and improve efficiency, resulting in a higher quality product. Employee participation in PACE means that product and process improvements are no longer the sole domain of engineers and management.

Today, every Sea Ray employee can demonstrate their personal commitment to making a better product by involvement in PACE teams and suggesting improvements through the PACE suggestion process. To date, our employees have made more than 35,000 suggestions, over half of which have been implemented.

And the Best is Yet to Come!

Total involvement is what PACE is all about. From the very beginning, Sea Ray suppliers have been our partners on a winning team. In helping us build a leadership position in our industry, you have become an extremely valuable asset to us, one who is instrumental in our commitment to quality. Because the thousands of parts and materials we use to build a Sea Ray boat is manufactured by someone else, our suppliers' commitment to meet or exceed our quality requirements is essential to the satisfaction of every Sea Ray customer.

As a supplier of goods or services to Sea Ray, your participation in the PACE process is not only encouraged, but expected. We need you to tell us at every opportunity exactly what you think we could do to improve our products or better utilize your products. What you tell us is a vital ingredient in the quality cycle and will help reduce our cost of quality. You can be involved in our PACE process by making suggestions, and you may even be asked to participate on a PACE team.

This level of participation in PACE is rewarding for all of us. When Sea Ray and our suppliers do things right the first time, we build customer loyalty, which translates into market share for Sea Ray and consistently higher utilization of the products provided by quality-conscious suppliers.

So remember, PACE is more than a snappy acronym. It is founded on the belief that motivated people have immense power - the power to solve problems, to eliminate errors and defects, to cut costs and to foster innovations.

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